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With over 20 years industry experience.

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About Orionesque

Home of Geoff Cowan a veteran of the web industry for over 20 years. Together with my associates we help companies, agencies and start-ups with ad-hoc cover, consultancy, small projects and temporary secondment.

Project Management and Leadership

Helping to guide technical teams to hit build targets on time. Either hands-on or on a consultancy basis

Laravel Development & Performance

Writing great, clean code, clearing perfomance snag points. From minor features to major projects.

ExpressionEngine Development

We've been working with this CMS since those dark days of version 1.x, up to the latest and greatest. We can create custom modules, upgrade sites, improve performance.

Our Overview

Over the years we've worked closely with clients, partners and dare we say it friends to help them achieve technical and business goals. This has included the full works of a new website from design, through the build process to the launch and ongoing support.
We also provide specialist, bespoke services on a technical level to development teams and agencies worldwide. Skillsets include, but not limited to: PHP, Laravel, ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, VueJS, AngularJS, DNS Management, DevOps and more.

Project Management & Leadership

With years of experience and dozens of projects behind us, we help lead teams to deliver solid, working applications. Working at times remotely via Slack / Hangouts / your choice of connection... we've used most of them!, or onsite worldwide for short, productive bursts.

Lovely Laravel

We've extensive experience of using the open source Laravel framework to quickly build out web applications. Thorough working knowledge of communications with an array of remote service endpoints (or API's for those feeling technical).

Supporting ExpressionEngine

We've been working with ExpressionEngine for over 10 years from the early 1.x days to the latest and greatest releases. With a full range of skills from basic templating and site set up to full custom module/addon solutions that extend the capabilities of this flexible CMS even further. Need asistance with a new or existing site? Then get in touch.

Our Clients & Partners

Over the years we've worked directly with our own clients as well as in partnership with digital, print and marketing agencies to provide "the tech behind the scenes". Below is a small sample of current and past partners. Get in touch to be added to this list.

  • Jeremy Sillett

  • Impulse Automation

  • Timothy Dunn

  • Made By Hippo

  • Hartnell

  • Fresh Nation

  • Hardy Amies

  • Jon Moore

Let's Get Going

Give us some idea of what you are looking for, how large a project or substantial an idea, whether you are in a panic or simply considering a new project. We'll take it from there.

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